Crimson Embrace.

Vampire by Arantza Sestayo romson Embrace“Vampire” by Arantza Sestayo, for the Crimson Embrace dark fantasy art book series.

Femme Fatale.

Femme FataleAnd the artist is…? So many nifty wallpapers scattered ’round the web, and so few artist attributions and credits. Sigh. 

Milan Nenezic.

Milan Nenezic 2Belgrade, Serbia artist Milan Nenezic (born 1983): Colors that literally glow. Poignant and incredibly intimate studies of people that are both refined and carefully rendered, juxtaposed with expressionistic and violently painterly works, reminiscent of some kind of Lucien Freud merged with Francis Bacon…like the self-portrait at the end of these paintings. Do check this artist out.

Milan Nenezic 3Milan Nenezic 4Milan Nenezic 5Milan Nenezic 6Self Portrait

Orestes’ Vampires.

Claudia_by_Orestes_SobekAnne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles’ characters Claudia and Lestat De Lioncourt (the Tom Cruise film version) by Spanish artist Guillermo Garcia-Valdecasas, who goes by the name “Orestes Sobek”.


DeCaneva’s “Hotel Noir”

hotel_noir_by_abc142-d4p9lw5French artist Stephane DeCaneva’s “Hotel Noir”. See mor elf the artist’s work at and a Tumblr blog:

Dark Digital Art From Poland.

lady_noire_by_kiwi8686-d890x7fPolish digital artist/photographer Emily goes by “Kiwi8686 at DeviantArt, and is worth checking out. At her page you’ll see dark fantasy, Goth-flavored dark romance and horror-lite art, poster-style graphics and other intriguing work. Above is “Lady Noir”, and below you see “Melancholy”, “Neurosis Depressiva” and “Damned Angel”.